Saturday, 1 August 2009


I have been out weeding this morning, and parts of the yard do look a little bit better. The weeds are piled high and hopefully they will turn into something more useful for the garden beds. While weeding around the artichokes, I remembered a drawing that I had made, ages ago, of artichokes that were almost ready to eat.

While doing that I found a few other drawings also. It has made me determined to get back to drawing regularly, whether I have access to a life drawing session or not... even artichokes make a good subject! They are interesting shapes and might be a good subject for a sculpter, though I've never tried the 3-d way of working like this.
I found a few other drawings in the same book, where I used to try to draw at least daily. I'll include a few drawings. It might make me get on with it again!
Here is a fence post that was near where I went out painting on Taylor's Run Road....
... and a washed out eroded patch in a paddock out there too.
Back home again is a still life including macadamia nuts and a chocolate in a red wrapper.
This drawing (below) is made from a 13th century Japanese sculpture that is in the Art Gallery of SA... it is supposed to be a man and a woman, and the design is quite abstract and modern looking, despite its age.

The potatoes are sprouting. There are two bags of official seed potatoes, and some from the cupboard...
... but it is still too wet to plant them, and it's too soon to start the seedlings for the rest of the summer garden. All I can do is plan for the next few weeks, and get back to drawing again.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I love the artichokes! Keep it up.