Friday, 21 August 2009

Food Forest

This morning was spent catching up on some of the mess in the kitchen left from pasty cooking last night. Later I caught up with a Burra friend who was looking for Kapunda artists and galleries. I was conscious of the fact that I still had to be ready to get to Gawler in the afternoon... just as well it isn't all that far and the speed limit is 110 all the way!

Finally, in the afternoon, John and I drove to the Food Forest to do some last minute preparations for the Transition Town weekend. I had to deliver some food and some stuff for the workshop part of the weekend. The food forest is a beautiful place. We arrived to find no one else there...

About 45 minutes later, after looking around the area near to the facility that we're going to use, several of our friends walked out of the forest... then another arrived by car....
We set up the tables and chairs ready for the morning and did some planning about how it will be run.

Then the six of us went to Cafe Nova for dinner, in Gawler.
It's late, I'm tired and it's time to sleep and be ready for tomorrow's event.

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