Friday, 28 August 2009

Home again

I took one last picture of the boys and their toys as I left the conference earlier this afternoon. It has been a good meeting. Climate issues and the implications for the council business has finally made it onto the agenda... at least in the LGA, if not my own council meetings.
I travelled home via a few second hand shops. I am looking for a soap saver, and can't find one anywhere. I will eventually find a way to make one if I can't find one. I also stopped in Tarlee at the Four Leaf Mill for some flour, rolled oats and some wheat. I also bought some of theirEgyptian Gold flour. It's interesting that people who have gluten intolerance don't seem to have the same problem with this and some other old fashioned grains.
When I arrived home I found thsi pile of wood in the yard... ready to cut for next winter.
My first thing to do was to look all around the yard, and see whether my potatoes (planted last weekend) might have emerged. They haven't. But the "horta" plants have emerged. There are two different patches with a variety of seeds in them. I don't know which are which yet... I'll be watching.

The second apricot tree is flowering also. I am surprised that this has survived. It was partly dug out by the bob cat when the patch was being smoothed out for the tank. It is flowering at a very different time from the other one that I planted. This one is self sown, an I have no idea whether it needs another one for cross pollination.
I went to check out the other fruit trees. The apple trees haven't set any buds yet. I think that this is because we didn't have any really cold nights... no frosts to speak of at all, during the winter.

The peach blossom.... almost there.
And all around the trees, the rocket (arugula) is flowering wildly. There will be even more next year.
The watsonia is flowering also... two colours. It is a weed, but looks good.
Snow drops... I've been looking for these among the jonquils. They are always later, but a few things have their timing "off" this year... climate change?
A flowering cabbage...
Buds on the rue plant...

I found another flowering acacia under the gum trees. There are a number of native plants under these trees and this one is close to the neighbour's shed. I put it there to stop the dogs running through the gap. It is quite large now...
... and look at the prickles... it is so spikey... and the dogs don't run through there.
While I was poking around the plants under the gum trees, I looked up and found this view... not like a redwood, but these trees are beautiful from here. These are very big trees.

Home again, and I'll see what else I need to do in the garden and in preparation for the exhibition opening next weekend.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

fiona just came in and saw the pictures and that nanna jane's garden?" we'll have to have another visit.
Love louise and fiona