Monday, 10 August 2009

John's birthday

August 1oth is John's birthday. It's not a good time of year for a birthday, in my opinion. When you're little, it is wet and cold for the birthday parties, and now that we're older and like to go out for dinner (or something similar) it takes quite an effort to go out when the nights are cold and wet.
This morning I've been out to check out what happened overnight. It was very cold last night when we went to bed, though there has been a little bit of rain this morning and it feels a bit warmer... not much, but a bit better.
As I went down the path, the forst thing that I saw was the potato plants that I've weeded have a lot of wilted leaves... there's been a bit of a frost overnight. At first I wondered whether it might have been because the plants are no longer protected by the weeds!
The pathway still looks pretty untidy, though the longer grass is cut down after my whipper-snippering yesterday. Every little bit helps. I can't do much more today after the little bit of rain that interferes with the grass cutting.
I went straight down to the other potatoes way down the back... here, there were some that were frost bitten and some that weren't.
The ones closest to the fence (and the camera) in the picture below have been frosted, and the ones at the other end of the row look ok. All I can think of is that the sun doesn't reach the ones near the fence at this time of the year, though it does reach the end of the row. This must make the soil that little bit warmer, saving these plants from frost bite.
The jalapeno plant (in a protected corner near the house) is still ok. There are still more peppers on it and I use them whenever I want something to be a little bit spicy. This is the best place to keep them. Last year I dried some but they did get some pantry moths in the jar! They have been better on the bush so far... they seem to remain unchanging on the bush for now. The pot is actually an old cement laundry tub, and with the jalapeno plant are parsley, mint and marjoram. The Greek (perennial) basil has died, apparently. I'll leave that too, in case it has just dropped its leaves and could make a comeback in the spring.
Not only that, but there are a lot of little tiny jalapeno peppers that have been produced from the flowers that I photographed earlier... I wonder whether they remain tiny, ripen, or are going to remail as tiny green ones... there are a lot of them.
I have been thinking about building a gazebo in the garden... I have in mind a kind of Balinese pavilion in the shade of one of the really big trees, thinking it would be lovely in the hot weather... but, with money in short supply and so much to get on with, I think I'm sticking to the Australain bush style gazebo that I have already.... needs the closest rafter replaced or supported where it has broken, and quite a bit of cleaning up, but I think it might be a good spot to sit in summer shade.
The view to the left of this picture is awful (the neighbour's yard, in land that used to be a part of this property until a few years before I moved here)... it needs bushes to hide it... the view, that is.
One of these days, this area will be a goat yard, but not while I need to be away from home so often. I'll need to "retire" in order to keep a goat... but what a way to get rid of weeds!
In the other direction is the front yard... with its trees and metre high Watsonia.... I like the "right hand view" best (below.)
Meanwhile we plan to go to the pub (The Sir Sidney Kidman) in downtown Kapunda for dinner to celebrate John's birthday. The Sir Sidney Kidman is still known as "The North" locally.
It's hard to change the name of a pub! It was "The North Kapunda Hotel" until three or four years ago, and it's always just "The North" around here.

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