Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Pasties and potatoes

Last night, after dinner was ready, and while the oven was still hot, I prepared some pastry and vegetables from the garden and I made some pasties. John will have some for dinner tonight as I'll be at the council meeting from 4.30 onwards. I'll make some more before the end of the week, and take some to add to the weekend lunches.

The black wattle is flowering and the air outside is perfumed. These are one of the later flowering varieties around here, and in this yard they are all over the place, self sown, and short lived, so we enjoy them while we can and later cut them up for firewood
These are the wattles that have the really big yellow puffy flowers....

I have finally dug the garden and planted the potatoes. These are the last for this year. There are three rows. From the LHS are the ones from the market (they sprouted in the cupboard) and I think they are called "Moonlight", next, in the middle are "Desiree" and then "Luster". They are all planted with a handful of "blood and bone" and now they need a little bit of rain.
There is the threat of rain for the weekend. I hope that we don't get any rain, but I planted the potatoes so that if it does rain, I won't mind so much!
This is much the same philosophy as planting Brussels sprouts. I don't like the frost, but if we get some, then I can grow Brussels sprouts and the frost doesn't seem too bad. This year we have had two incredibly mild frosts that didn't even kill off the potato plants, and it feels as though the winter is over... two weeks early. This has really confused some of the fruit trees. There are two apple trees and a peach tree that have only recently lost the last of their leaves, and, despite the warm days, they don't have buds yet! I think that they are confused. No one told them about carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and climate change!



Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

the soil looks beautiful! as do the pasties.

Jane said...

As long as you don't mix them up!