Sunday, 9 August 2009

Red wattle birds

I have been out cutting wood again, of course. The pile from Black Joe's Rd is getting smaller, and we'll have to get some more soon but meanwhile it's a constant job.
The other chainsaw job today was cutting the branches that have grown out of the red gum seat. It's not easy and those branches are bigger than they look when you climb up to them.
I cut most of them off, right down to the chair back. The last and biggest branch is a two person job, as it might fall onto the little shed... it's a pretty big piece of wood.
So here is how it looks.... with the other couple of big trees in the background and the succulent bush beside it.
And up close, with the sawdust still all over the place....
It has lost its shade for the moment, and while that doesn't matter so much now, it might in summer. I sat there for a few minutes and then went to see what all of the raucus noise was in the bush next to me....
The Red wattle birds are fighting over the red flowers... there are bees galore also, but none of the smaller honeyeaters. I suppose their beaks aren't long enough to get down into the long tubular flowers. This must be quite an advantage for these bigger birds. There are so many more of the other honeyeaters and they are better at cooperative attacks than these larger birds. The small honeyeaters can chase all kinds of larger birds away. Of the two main types here, the New Holland honeyeaters are the most aggressive, though the White plumed ones are pretty good too, and each of them practices on the other group... all day, every day.
The pictures vary in light quality, as I went back out to take a few more when the sun was out and the light brighter. The first one shows one of the birds. They were dive bombing each other and fighting. It's hard to get an action shot of that, but I dod get some pictures of their gymnastics... they are very funny to watch... quite the floorshow!
I have just been out "whipper-snippering" until I ran out of fuel and string, and I have been admiring my newly renovated chair. I have been sitting out there with my afternoon glass of wine, admiring my handiwork. I have decided that I might leave the main big branch of the chair as it is. It will probably end up as the main trunk of a big tree... not sure yet, but it's a thought.... further consideration needed.

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