Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sunshine and broad beans

The predicted showers this morning are nowhere to be seen, and it definitely feels like spring outside now... and smells like it too. Here, spring smells like flowers and the plants that grow.
The smell of spring makes me think of spring in Canada. Where the summer and autumn plants are frozen in time, so to speak, and everything is on hold for the winter, the spring is quite different. It smells like rotting vegetation, not for long, as the long days and melting snow lets everything grow fast. However, as the snow melts the lost mittens, missing toques and dog poo all appear in random places wherever they were blown....
Here spring gives the last of the winter vegetables, sprouting spring plants and the perfume of flowers.... despite the fact that it is only August, and still officially winter!
Weeds.... including watsonia, sour sobs (oxalis), rocket (arugula) and a few feral olive trees...
I found some broad beans this morning...
... and some that are respectably big that I must have missed in the past feew days. We should have our first "broad bean" meal by the end of the week. When they are small like this, we eat the whole thing... like ordinary green beans.
As I checked around the garden this morning I found a lot of broccoli that I had missed last night. I got home late enough that it was dark when I went to collect food for dinner.
We did have enough, but I didn't realise how much was out there. I'll collect it later today.

Pasta with broccoli and creamy sauce (or whatever is in the garden!)
I fried an onion and the broccoli (chopped) gently until the broccoli was half cooked.
On my stove, one can't turn the heat down, so I put it to the side of the stove. Perhaps that is where the saying comes from... "to set it aside."
Then I mixed a cup of solid cream (from our local dairy in Greenock) and several backyard eggs, and pepper and stirred it in.... it melts and mixes in with the vegetables to make a creamy sauuce. I didn't add any salt because I planned to add parmesan cheese (Mil-lel, from Mt Gambier) and that is a little bit salty already and too much of a good thing is probably not the way to go.
And here it is with the cheese and noodles stirred through. (I cooked the pasta while I chopped the vegetables and made the sauce.

Not the best photo in the world, but it gives you the idea, and this is another "instant dinner" for when I get home late. (I had been to an executive meeting of Carer's Link in Nuriootpa.)

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