Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Thirty-eight today!

No, not me! Ben is 38 years old today!
He was born such a long time ago. We had no television (and I'd never seen a colour one) supermarkets were new, the car was a brand new VW beetle and the Vietnam war still raged, and Ben was two days old in this photograph.
It doesn't seem surprising to me that I should be in my sixties, but it is a real surprise that Ben should be 38! As they say, "it seems like only yesterday" or even "time flies when you're having fun" or some such cliche, but in fact, it is all true.
Those nights when you're walking around with a "chicken-poxy" baby or staying awake for a teenager to come home (because you do go to bed and pretend to sleep) are definitely outweighed by the sports days, the first drawings, the discovery anew of the things that you've always known or the transformation into a new father (or mother.)
This photograph (below), taken in the northern summer of 1973 in Labrador, Canada, shows the beginnings of the nerdy behaviour that was to follow! Notice the socks and sandals! The electronic equipment was not a laptop! It is a two way radio for communication in remote regions.
I am very proud of all of my children, and I always think of them on their particular birthdays (I was there, after all!) and each of them still never ceases to amaze me.


John L said...

Happy birthday Ben.

Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

What a beautiful baby, and look at two days old could suck a dummy....clearly nerdy.