Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Walk around the yard....

Each morning I walk right around the yard, to see what's happened overnight and to see what might be good for dinner.
The cabbage patch looks good. We have eaten a few of them, either as rolled up cabbage leaves or mixed into another dish. the most surprising success was a risotto that was made with arborio rice, left over grated cheese, broad beans (the second to last bag of frozen ones from last year) chopped cabbage added last, stirred in and still a bit crunchy and sweet.
Tonight we might have cabbage with rice noodles that I bought when I was in Adelaide yesterday (John had a doctor's appointment on his birthday!) and some vegetarian mushroom sauce that I found at the same chinese grocery shop. These cabbages are all smallish (they are genetically small) and we eat them one at a time.

On down the pathway... the rue is taking over the pathway...
As you walk past on this track, you can't help but brush past it. It has a very distinctive smell and really like it. It is one of those smells that you can never forget... you remember where you first smelled it. I remember it from my grandfather's garden. He lived in a caravan in the backyard. (I don't know why he never went inside the house.) I don't know where the plant was, but I remember the smell.
The leaves are a bluish colour, and the flowers are fairly insignificant, and it grows well despite a lack of water at times.

My calendula (the ones with the dark centres) are blooming prolifically.
The changing colour as they open never ceases to amaze me. It's just like the colours of the monks robes... this photo is from the internet... it's taken in Kampuchea and this is the colour combination that I wlways think of when I see these calendula flowers... and they have been used for dye and come from India too.
I googled calendula and buddhist robes, hoping to find some reference to some information about dying fabric or something similar but I found this (old, from 2006) where one of the commenters (called "snappy") made the same kind of connection. Isn't it funny how you can end up anywhere on the internet.

Right down the back yard, of course to see how the winter crops there are managing. This is the part of the yard where I'll protect the soil for the summer, leave it fallow and wait for the rain.
The poor potatoes that caught the frost a couple of nights ago...

These two pictures are taken about two steps apart (and I'm not very big) and one has been hit (fairly mildly) and the other is just fine. I'm certain that this is where the soil warmth varied because of the fence that changes the micro-climate.
Knowing this, I'll probably dig them at different times as well. It will be interesting to watch.

Back up to the garden near to the house. The Siberian kale seems to be taking over one whole strip along the side of this patch. It's good to eat, so it's no problem. The fennel behind it is overlooked.
I poked in under the leaves and look what I found... fennel bulbs that are nearly ready to eat...

.. and nearby, in a box of tree seeds (in my origami newspaper pots) is a baby fennel that must have dropped into the wrong place. I did start some fennels in one of these boxes (we have been eating those already.) The ones above were sown directly, and the seeds are big enough that you can put them in one by one at about the right distance.
This baby one looks a bit lonely!

Then on to check out the trees (more apricot flowers, but the others are still thinking) and a lot of rocket (arugula) flowers as well. As long as it keeps this up we'll have rocket forever. It might even outdo some of the other weeds by the look of it!

The green man... (thanks Nick)
... in context....

... and on to the "front fence". This is made of an assortment of vintage and modern rubbish and findings... it keeps the dogs in...

... and I found periwinkle plants (a couple of flowers) growing up it. Mrs Bucket would be impressed. Not!

Back down to the house... there are huge clouds in the sky. It might rain. These are the kind of clouds that rush past quickly and only a few of them are grey and rainy.... you never know...

This is John's white Falcon Ute. He's always wanted a ute to go with his kelpie!

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