Sunday, 20 September 2009

Barossa spring

I spent yesterday in the Barossa (babysitting the gallery in Tanunda) but on my travels, it was obvious that spring has sprung in the valley.  Both of these photographs are taken at Seppeltsfield, the first of some old bush vines, and the second of younger vines supported on trellises.  At this stage,  some vines are much greener and leafier than others.  Some of this might depend upon position and microclimates,  but it is also depends on the variety of the grapes.
This is all early.  The spring has come about two weeks earlier than usual this year.

Here (below) are some very young vines,  all ready for the new growing season also.  In the background,  a paddock of canola.  It is flowering everywhere at the moment.

This pink flowering tree is right beside the road on the way to Greenock.  There are a number of these kinds of trees along the roads.  They grow where someone has thrown a fruit seed out as they passed.  this might be a peach or a nectarine,  by the colour of the flowers.  These trees often produce reasonable crops, for such little care or watering,  and people do stop and pick the fruit later in the season.

Along the creek, not far from the road, there are more purplish flowering bushes.  They seem to be only along the creek bed,  and they don't look like natives,  though I can't be sure without a closer look.

And on along the road...  the dog roses are beginning to flower as well.  These are rose bushes that have gone wild and are spread by birds.

The flowers are beautiful... very pale pink... not much perfume, but the bees love them.

Home again... and that cabbage flower is spectacular now.  It is about a metre tall and huge.  The other two photographs are of French lavender and the rue that is flowering as well.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I'm feeling really guilty pulling you away from such a beautiful springtime. Thanks fro the photos.