Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Cabbage flower, wierd weather.

Today has been another exciting day.  The weather prediction had been for  a hot day and then some rain... my garden would love that... warm and wet is good.
However,  so far we have had wind, thunder and no water!  I did get the last of the washing dry.
My cabbage that is flowering is the most spectacular one that I've seen for years....
... that yellow flower head in the middle of the leafy patch is a cabbage flower head.  It is more than a metre tall, and taller by the day.

With all of the thunder today, we had a couple of hours without electricity.  This was annoying,  because I had been using my computer without plugging it in, and so didn't have as much time as I'd have liked!  I'll make sure that I plug it in all of the time when I am at home from now on.
The other change was that this was the first time that we have had no electricity since we have been off the water grid.  Of course,  we are dependent upon an electric pump, and so there was no water from that source.  As with many houses in Australia, the little old water tank in the yard is gravity fed into the kitchen (people don't drink the water that comes through the "mains")  is still there, and so we  still have the low pressure, gravity fed water from the "special tap' in the kitchen.  The tank that is attached to that system is only 1000 litres.  While this is quite enough for most episodes,  it wouldn't allow a shower or  much watering of the garden.
I can retrieve water from any of the big tanks with a hose or a bucket....  via gravity, of course,  but I will make sure that I have a generator soon too.  This would also serve to run my electric chainsaw when I'm away from home, scrounging firewood and that's another bonus.

With the electricity off for a while and no way to get on with the computer work that I needed to do, or even the ability to do something trivial like listen to the radio or watch a dvd,  I decided to process some more vegetables for the summer... broccoli,  of course.
I picked another couple of bunches of broccoli, another handful of broad beans and collected the eggs.  There is always food in the garden, that's not depedent upon other energy input, other than from the sun.
Today's broccoli (as well as some left over from the past couple of days) is now in the freezer, and I am beginning to think about how to prepare it during the summer if the weather is too hot for much harvest...

...fresh pasta (chickens still lay eggs, and fresh egg pasta is good)  with any kind of tomato sauce and chopped broccoli with Mil-lel "parmesan" cheese and herbs from the garden... I'm thinking ahead, and I can see a recipe coming on.

The electricity is now back and happening (or I wouldn't be blogging) and the sky is overcast... perhaps the garden will get some rain as well :-)

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