Friday, 11 September 2009

Hot dry wind, Nick's blog.

The temperature is over 30 degrees (86 F or so) and there is a hot north wind blowing.  This would have been a good day for washing...  hot, dry and windy.  However,  my mother and I went to the funeral of her friend, Maureen... the washing can wait until the next dry day!
When I got home, the chickens needed water and some of the garden had wilted.  Just look at these artichokes!  Poor things,  they will be ok when it cools down later tonight.  The soil is damp,  though the moisture doesn't go very deep.
By the time I got home, I found that the best part of the day was gone...  no point in worrying.  I am due to go to the city this afternoon... to catch up with the rest of the crew who organised the "Food Forest transition event" a couple of weeks ago.  We'll have dinner and I'll get back to Kapunda in time for a tiny bit of the opening event of the Celtic Festival that continues through the afternoon.
I went through some of my paintings to see what I had ready to go to Burra (flower paintings) or the Kidman exhibition (historic?)
I have a couple of possibilities, though more to do yet.  
I did find these though...
... this is a water colour painting of mallee trees near the River Murray at Barmera.  That is a galvanised iron tank amongst them...  a common sight.
And for something totally different, a painting of the last of the cherry blossom at the Japanese Garden at Golden Gate Park.  I painted this from a sketch and a photograph.  I have done several paintings of particular places like this... places that I've been and remember very well,  for a particular reason.  I used to go to the Japaanese garden with Chris when he was little and needed to go to the pediatric ophthalmologist in San Francisco... monthly.  We (Chris and I) used to go there and then on to somewhere interesting, and the Japanese Garden was one of those interesting places.
The blossom is a bit pinker than it looks in the photograph.  Perhaps the glaze interferes with the image.
And another totally different piece... this is a pen and wash drawing (brown ink on paper) of an old lamp that is in the Kapunda museum.  I have been there drawing in the past and it is interesting to draw the things that are there.... you certainly look carefully and notice a lot of details when you draw.

There is a link to another blog that I'd like to add here....  Nick's painting blog, just begun.  I'm enjoying it already.


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I love the paintings, and the link to nick's blog. Sorry to hear about the funeral. Sorry the artichokes had a bad day too.
Can't wait go to SF with you soon.

Anonymous said...
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