Monday, 7 September 2009


These grape hyacinths come up every spring in a part of the yard at the front of the house. Someone must have planted them there years ago and they have gone wild. There are a couple of very old lilac bushes out there too and I often wonder what the garden must have been like years ago when English plants were fashionable and women stayed at home.
I hadn't seen any of these hyacinths until now, despite looking for them regularly. These are in a relatively new spot.... they must produce seeds as well as bulbs, as the birds seem to spread them.

And here is the new acquisition.... from the second hand shop in Nuriootpa. These are all made of cast iron (very heavy) and hardwood (whch needs some oil and tlc) and then the screws need tightening, the metal needs cleaning and painting and we should have a lovely outdoor spot up under the back kurrajong tree! This has just arrived home and is still out by John's ute. I really like these, but I won't have time to do much about them until I get back from my expedition at the end of this month.

Back down to the trees.... the apricot tree has a whole lot of fruit! I will need some netting if I want to keep any of them! Between the birds and Jess, I probably won't see anything! Another job for Nov-Dec.

And here is a leaf coming out on an apple tree that only lost the last of its other leaves a couple of weeks ago. The buds are quite small. I didn't know what to expect, but once it gets going, I suppose it will appreciate the extra hours of photosynthesising.... I don't know what it will mean for flowers though!

Nectarine flower.... this is the brand new tree, and it is looking happy.

This leaf bud (below) is on the most miserable pear tree that you can imagine. Last summer when a nember of trees died, it managed to hang in there and I have tied it upright again and I plan to water it during this summer again.
In fact, all of these trees probably need a year off, to recover from the wierd weather. Either they'll have to get used to climate change or be replaced!

The rue is flowering quite a lot now too.... and the bush is expanding across the pathway!
It is definitely spring. I have also seen a lot of butterflies around the broad beans too. This morning there was one like this. There have been a few of the larger wanderer bitterflies during the last patch of warm weather too. It is supposed to be warm again by the end of this week!

I have also been to check the gutters around the shed... to make sure that we aren't losing any water... The oldest shed (which has a toilet attached) is made of stone, with red brick coins and all whitewashed, presumably with lime. There are plenty of spiders too., but I didn't pay any
extra for those!

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