Saturday, 12 September 2009

Kapunda Celtic Festival

Today was the day of the kapunda Celtic Music Festival,  but before I went out,  I checked the cabbage flowers... they are yellow,  and more tubular than the other brassica flowers that I see.

John fed the dogs and we went off to check the garage sales (yard sales) around the neighbourhood.  The community had decided to have a "mega garage sale" because of the extra people that were expected in  town.  Not a lot  of treasures,  mostly kids toys and second hand clothes,  but I did get a bedside table for the spare room for $8.   (I will show a photograph once it is painted... this may be some time!)
Once we had seen all of the second hand stuff,  we went down to the main street to see what was happening.  The first group were an amazingly enthusiatic group from the Celtic music club. 
 I was sitting out in the sun (lovely today) and at the next table were the next group to perform....

These were a group who played bluegrass music, and really,  they were very good!
While I was watching them,  Andrew (of the Jam-pot fame, Louise) wandered past... he is working on a pony tail!!!!

After  a steak sandwich from the local Rotarians, we "did a lap of the main street, including the second hand shop and then the pub (for a glass of wine.)  I always look amongst the funny old bottles and jars,  and today I found these two... a glass bottle labled "Dr Sheldon's Gin Pills... for the kidneys"  and I couldn't resist that as a subject for a painting... and that will have to be the title!  and the pottery bottle (with its $4 sticker) is an ink bottle.  Still life paintings of second hand stuff are the latest trend. One can do these when there are meetings, reading and events to attend... small still life paintings are what I do lately... it's a phase that I'm going through!
The two bottles are interesting....
Then I found an oil lamp.  This came with wick and all,  so I filled it with olive oil when I got home and look!  It works.  There's nothing here for scale... but it's about three inches tall.

To put it out, I put the top on.....
How good is that!  No petro-chemical (parrafin) or non vegan (tallow) candles needed here!!!!

We went on to the Sir John Franklin  (pub) for the singing competition.  I went to this last year,  and it was fantastic... people come from miles around for this... even city folk!
Again,  this year,  it was good!
I couldn't photograph all of the competitors, but here are a few.... it was one of those occasions when you had to be there!
This was the front part of the crowd,  the performer at the end of the room, and the "compere" on the left in the blue shirt, holding his knee...
The singers were all incredible and some had written their own music... they were so good to hear....  
This woman (below) sang a song that she had written about supporting local business!  and it was great... no one realised that she's slipped some of the political stuff in until the end!!!  (I found out later that she is a friend of a woman that I went to school with..  and we were both politically active "back in the day."
The audience were many and varied also....
Among the audience I noticed this man, watching so closely... (sorry about the lack of resolution, but I don't have a big memory card thingy...  these photos do give the blurry pub atmosphere though... not that people smoke... the lighting and sound system are pretty ordinary though....)
... and then he got up to sing!  One song that he sang unaccompanied was wonderful, and then he borrowed someone's guitar and was just as good, though the unaccompanied singing made one concentrate on the information in the song.
One song was of the scottish highlands and another about gypsies who were the original free men (not owned by lords, back in the day.)
The crowds are loyal... the lady with the red patch on the back of her jumper is the woman who sang earlier.  The red pattern is a celtic design that I made to screenprint onto the t-shirts about 3 or 4 years ago!

Then another surprise... this man (below) just happened to be in Kapunda (a travelling "grey nomad"  I suppose)  and decided to "have a go."   He sang a song about "give up your day job"  that brought down the house in a manner of speaking.... 

Then came an old man with a piano accordian who sang "the rybuck shearer" with audience participation.
After these proceedings, I ended up at the "barn dance" at the Uniting Church Hall with the original Celtic group playing....  they didn't all fit on the stage (they hadn't earlier in the day either)  but the music was wonderful.  I danced in a progressive event that was good fun... though my hair didn't stay in its rubber band!

John arrived to collect me.  I went to help retrieve the PA system (to store it overnight) and as I left the next dance (looks like a reel to me)  was beginning....  it was wonderful...
We went back to the main street and removed any of the equipment that couldn't be left... then on to the pub for a drink...  
... and here was another group...  more music and all good.

We were home by about 7.30pm.   I lit the fire and cooked dinner.

This music festival happens annually in Kapunda. It might not have the "big name" performers,  but many of them are very good... some have ended up famous after beginning here,  and it is free, live and such fun.  Sometimes I wish that we could have such events more often,  but it takes such a lot of effort and much of it is voluntary... and there is only so much effort to go around.
I haven't even shown the stalls with hippy clothing, sparkly beads,  crafty stuff, plants, food, Celtic paraphernalia and the associated "body, mind and soul" event in the Hall.
It's good to live in a town where the music comes to you, and you don't need to travel... I can walk.

While writing this,  the Adelaide team have lost at the football... quel dommage!

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