Saturday, 5 September 2009

More potatoes

John is going to an event where he needs to bring a "shared lunch" in the next while, so I thought I'd make some pasties. I can freeze some for such events. And so I needed to go out and find some potatoes.
I did check whether the new ones had come up yet... gently raked over the ground, pulled a couple of weeds....
...and there are a couple of new shoots there! There will be more potatoes....

I also found a ladybird... on a broad bean....
... and some food for her babies... how did she know?

And so I went back to the oldest potato patch and dug over most of it. It's a big patch, though hard to tell here. The tiny green stuff in front is the "horta" patch that I planted a couple of weeks ago(maybe 3 or 4 weeks?)
And this is what I found. I haven't washed them (it's a very clay-ey) patch. I'll do that, and weigh them later. That bucket is nearly half full!
(ed. 5lb 8oz; 2.5 kg)
There will be plenty for pasties. I'll pick some leeks to go with them as there are plenty of those.

And here are other vegetables. Plenty of broccoli side shoots, about 5 or 6 beetroots, a handful of broad beans, a handful of peas and an assortment of herbs.
I'll weigh these later also. I want to know how much I am able to grow on the patches that I am using currently. It's good to know that you can grow enough to keep you going.

One of the chickens died yesterday. Not an old one either, and she didn't seem to have anything wrong, though it's hard to tell with chickens.
This afternoon we're going to buy another fruit tree (I'd like a plum) to plant on top of her. That's the usual procedure here with dead chickens.
(ed. the chicken is under a mariposa plum tree)

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