Saturday, 26 September 2009

Nick and Nikki's place in Sydney

Kapundagarden is becoming a travel diary for a while,  I think.
I am enjoying Sydney,  and with news of rain at home (Kapunda)  I'm hoping that the garden will be enjoying it all.  John will have less to do,  except clean the mud out of the back verandah where the dogs walk it in.

Back to Sydney...
Here are some photos of Nick and Nikki's place in what feels like the village of Kings's Cross.
The kitchen window...

...and the view of the fountain from the bathroom window....  you can hear the sound of it all night.

This is Frank (named after my father) who waits patiently at home for Nick to take him to the park.

Here, below, Nick is busy doing assignments and applying for an honours programme at The National Artschool.   He is doing his homework, with Nikki on the keyboard!

Last night, just as dinner was being prepared,  Nick found the time to do some running repairs to the plumbing!    Life's good, isn't it!

The sky in Sydney was a little bit dusty when I woke up  this morning... not dark,  but definitely orange coloured and the wind is gusty.   I think it was stormy in South Australia again yesterday,  and I suppose it was blowing dust inland again...  Broken Hill was the first place that the dust was so bad a few days ago. This is the same red dust that we sometimes see  (in Kapunda) the summer when a north wind blows... and it's often at this time of the year too...  the equinox seems to be when the winds are the strongest.

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