Friday, 25 September 2009

On the way to San Jose

Well,  Sydney so far!   It's good to catch up with family members (Nick, Nikki and Jonathon) here...  I'll have a few days before I'm actually "on the way to San Jose."

I don't often take photos of my journeys,  but I couldn't help but be impressed with the gulf coast of SA... this is the view that I had of Adelaide as we left to fly inland towards Sydney.

Further along, a photograph of the Murray River.  It seems so sad that the river is becoming such a disaster area.  It no longer runs out of the mouth any more and the water is so salty at the end of the river that it is being dammed to prevent the salt continuing upstream.... I wonder where the next dam will be.  The only solution now is to follow Derrick Jensen's plans (Endgame) to blow up all of the dams and locks that have ruined all of the rivers.

Once we were further across the country, there were still only glimpses of the land between the clouds.  I couln't help but notice how brown (red-brown) the land was, with only circles of irrigated green near channels of water being taken from the few rivers...  so sad.

And here is the obligatory tourist picture from the window of the aircraft as we landed.... the harbour, the bridge and the opera house,  of course...

Today I will go to the city, visit the art gallery and have a very self indulgent day.  I am already missing my "kapundagarden" and hope the rain has been enough to sustain the food growing there.


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

The photos are lovely,
Do you know the way to san jose?
north of LA south of SF and just down HWY 17 from us.

Have fun indulging in Sydney. I'll send the water faeries over to tend the If I could just find them....

John L said...

Rain? It hasn't stopped. Did you forget this water fairy?