Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Today I went to my last meeting before my big trip!

This was the AGM for Carer's Link Barossa,  where I was re-elected to the board.  John and I stayed for lunch and then came home (via the fodder store to buy chicken pellets to last while I am away.)

This afternoon,  I prepared some paintings for three exhibitions that will happen while I am away.  John will need to deliver an assortment of work to different galleries... the furthest is in Burra.... and one of those will be transported on to Peterborough for  a "mental health week" exhibition.  This painting has been a challenge... it is titled "concrete buddha".

There are also three paintings for an exhibition about flowers....

... though in fact I made paintings of still life old bottles that I have here,  all with calendula flowers, as that's what is in the garden.
The third exhibition is all about still life subjects around the house...

... preserved tomatoes, vegetables and seeds saved from the garden.
(Sorry about the crappy photographs,  I need to find out how to take pictures of paintings...  but at least you can get the idea... the ones in three's are quite small anyway.)

Meanwhile I have been packing... and preparing to go out for dinner this evening... to the North Kapunda/Sir Sidney Kidman Hotel...  to catch up with my mother before leaving for Sydney tomorrow morning.

I am almost packed.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

Dear Jane, Have a safe trip.
when you sit down on the plane you can leave all the meetings behind.