Sunday, 6 September 2009

Quiet Sunday?

The opening of the "Spiteri" exhibition is today. I need to get to the gallery early to make sure that the light globes are all alight and aligned to show the paintings to their best advantage. Then I need to make sure that the wine and food is organised. Other people are actually doing the work, but I should be there to assist and give moral support. Then I need to make sure that the artist has a table nearby also. He has written a novel, and would like to have it on show and available. There's no problem with that, just that I didn't know until the other day when he arrived and showed me the books that he'd just picked up from the printer! The man who is opening the exhibition should be there a little early also. I'll need to be there to "meet and greet" so to speak.
The weather is still cold. I would be looking forward to going to Tanunda, except for the cold. The sun is out, so perhaps it will be better later.
I heard a few raindrops on the roof early this morning, but that was all... a few drops.

Coordinating the exhibition has been a complicated experience. I had done similar duties at other art galleries, and I'd volunteered plenty of time in the gallery over the past several years. However, taking responsibility for a significant exhibition at the last minute when someone became ill was a whole new experience. I'm glad that I don't panic easily!

After today, I need to finish the paintings that I have promised to a couple of ether exhibitions... one for Peterborough, three for "The Art of the Flower" in Burra, and three for the Kidman art show in Kapunda.
I will be busy in the next couple of weeks!


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

a few drops is better then a kick up the bum.

John L said...

That's right. There's no future in bum kicking.