Monday, 21 September 2009

Spring yesterday, storms today.

The weather prediction for today was for rain and storms.  This morning was ok,  cold,  but intermittently sunny and clear.   Suddenly, just after lunch time, the wind began and within little while the electricity went off.  It stayed that way for some hours.  The wind was loud and the sky was dark...

I drove to Freeling for a meeting and the roads were awful...  heavy rain,  lots of traffic and a whole lot of bicycles on the straight just north of Freeling.  The cyclists stopped...  not surprising... but they remained on the bitumen.   There were a few trucks carting rubble for road construction further south and returning trucks coming the other way....  chaos.   There are no passing lanes on that road.  It was chaotic, and I am pleased to say that no bicycles appear to have been hurt.  (This is the road where cyclists have been killed and accidents occur almost weekly.)   This is the road that will be used by people commuting to Adelaide when our big new developments are in place, and there are no plans for public transport.   The weather continues to be violent across the state.

There are more tiny lambs (very young) in one paddock near Kapunda... I wonder how they manage in the stormy weather.

After my meeting,  I stopped in the main street (Kapunda) to drop my library book back and to get some groceries at the shop.  I saw another sign of spring amongst the storm debris.  The grape vines in the main street are flowering and tiny bunches are there already.

Adelaide has had 25mm of rain.  I'm not sure how much we've had.  I'll add that information when I can.  The tanks overflowed!  (ed.  21mm)
Meanwhile I am finally getting some of the "last minute" things done before I leave here on Thursday.  Still on the list are the last couple of tiny paintings, glazing the bigger one,  a couple more meetings (Council and Carer's Link board) and some packing!  Easy peasy!

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I'm getting my packing done too...We're so excited to see you in a week!