Saturday, 26 September 2009

State library of NSW

I have come to visit the library to see the floor that a friend recommended that I find... and it is really beautiful.  I'm glad I came.
The floor has a map of Australia that is a mozaic all over the foyer... hard to photograph,  but I'll try later.
The library building that I'm in holds the collection of Australian history... from explorers and their lives to cooking books... a comprehensive collection, for sure.  (They also have free internet access.)

I can download the pictures that I took at the gallery and let you know what I've seen.  (It's good to sit for a while, after walking all over the city, it seems.)

First of all,  I went to visit the three Morandi paintings that are still in the same place as before.  I would have hung them with the lightest one above one of the others... it worries me to see them like this.  Individually though, they are good to see.  the earliest one is 1947 and the newest is 1952.

These three paintings are some of my favourites, and I can only wonder what sort of person sits at home painting the same pots and bottles over and over (though I have been known to paint bottles and pots as well... it's just that I do other things too.

There was also a great collection of prints from the romantic period,  and those are fantastic also.  I used to spend a lot of time with the 17th century Italian and Dutch prints in the print room of the Adelaide Gallery  so I felt very "comfortable" looking at these and imagining how they were done.

The following chunk of concrete reminded me of Nick.  He has one piece of concrete at home now,  but in fact this one reminded me of the pieces that I had to get rid of when he moved out and left me with them.  I had a whole house to empty by myself,  and the concrete was memorable.  (These pieces are very large... normal steps size...  they must weigh tonnes.

I also regularly visit this painting when I get to Sydney,  and it is all the more poignant as I am reading Marilyn French's history of women in the world.  This is a 22 year old woman in 1541, fairly wealthy and looking a bit the worse for wear... but this was the time when women had no control over their lives at all.  The lack of control presumably led to depression then,  just the same as it does now.

There were some interesting drawings by Lloyd Rees.  I never cease to be amazed at the detail in these drawings.  This one is done with ordinary pencil.

Then to Elioth Greuner's landscaapes in Australia...
This first one is fairly typical of his subjects... and I like the "backlighting" and how he manages it.  One of the French impressionists (Pisarro, from memory) did this sort of painting also, with the back lighting... and I really like the light as it is here...

This detail from a painting (it's a different painting,  below) shows the brush strokes... I can see them on my camera screen, anyway,  so I can see how he did this...  Van Gogh used some of the same last minute light brushstrokes too...  I'll have a play with some paint when I get home again.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I love the cows, and that I have some control over my life.