Thursday, 10 September 2009


Transition Towns are in the news.... here (
link) and scroll down to the listen/download link.

"When we talk of adaptation to climate change and we often talk about national emissions targets and what likely to be discussed at Copenhagen later this year.

"But ultimately the nuts and bolts of this change will happen at a very local level.

"Small scale agriculture, local currency trading systems and neighbourhood skills banks are among some of the ideas which are being talked about with local councils.

"It's part of a worlwide movement called transition towns and already there are about 20 in Australia."

This is the promotion for a segment of the "Bush Telegraph" programme that I heard today. I hope that Kapunda can move in this direction as we move towards an energy descent action plan.

It seems to be a thankless task sometimes, and people ask regularly why I bother.... I usually answer "Because I have grandchildren."

This was the last time that we were all together, from the left...... Annie, Fiona (on my lap) Charlotte and Oliver.

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