Thursday, 3 September 2009

Water for bees

There are two bee hives in our yard. Both were here when we moved in. One is still in a pepper tree. Last week John noticed a swarm... they must have plenty of honey in there. Tis is early too... swarms are usually seen well into September or even October, not the end of August!
This hive is the one with the most agressive bees...
... though they look just the same as the others, to me.
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John has spoken to our "hive raider" and he has a new part for the box. (In case you didn't notice, the bottom part of the box looks pretty decrepit.)
The bees are also responsible for fertilising our vegetable crops, and presumably a lot of other people's also. They are hard workers.
In the summer time, we even have to provide water for them. They do take water from the chooks trough, but I usually put a container (with a floating life-saver for them) nearer to the hive.
Today I found a bee taking water from here....

I picked this cabbage (yesterday) and I'd left the bottom leaves to produce some more little cabbages (these are good for shredding and frying.) It rained overnight, and filled the leaf bowls. I couldn't get a photo of the bee, but this is her swimming pool/drinking fountain.


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

So nice to leave lifesavers for the bees, do they have little towels on little racks, and perhaps some tiny beach chairs for them to relax in the sun?
see you soon...

John L said...

They don't have time for beach chairs.