Friday, 9 October 2009

Fiona's school day and plastic grocery bags (Thursday)

This morning got off to a good start.  Fiona had slept well and woke up in time to get ready in a leisurely sort of way for school at the "Santa Cruz Village School."   I dropped her off... she had to leave her "baby chicken" with me rather than keep it at school, and that was a bit of a hiccup, though a minor one.   Then Teacher Laura told me that my fame had travelled...  an old neighbour has been asking after me!   It just goes to show you what a small world it is.  I will phone that friend this afternoon and visit tomorrow if I can.  I left Fiona at school getting ready to make quesadillas for lunch.
Back home again to clean up the messy kitchen,  and then with the whole day ahead of me, I decided to get to the bookshop again... looking for yet another particular author,  Derrick Jensen.  He has co-authored a book wit another author,  Aric McBay, about waste and what we need to do about it.   The book begins with a statement that Jensen has made previously...   "Industrial civilisation is incompatible with life."  He goes on to say that this culture is "murdering the earth" and must be stopped, whether that is done by us intentionally or through ecological collapse.
I began reading the first part of this, though I'd intended to send it home for later.  This happened because I discovered the part about plastic shopping bags.  These have been very noticeable to me since leaving home.  I first saw them in Sydney and here they are everywhere.  It is less than a year since they have disappeared from South Australia and it's quite a significant change.  By now,  most people bring cloth bags (or at least re-usable chinese polymer ones)  and one never sees the disposable plastic kind with their stretched, lumpy appearance barely disclosing what is inside.  that was to be expected,  but not the change in my attitude to bags and their contents.   Some shops in Santa Cruz don't use these plastic bags either, but they do give free kraft paper bags.  (These are apparently an environmental disaster also.)  This afternoon, I saw a man riding a bicycle with four plastic bags of groceries hanging from the handle bars... two on each side...  quite  a sight!
Time to organise tomorrow...  phone calls to make,  people to see,  places to go!

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