Saturday, 24 October 2009

Friday evening

The travellers arrived home yesterday.  It was a busy day.
Devon and Louise went to pick up Fiona from school, unloaded the camping gear from the truck, started the washing machine up and then got right down to the music....

We downloaded some of the photographs from the trip... the Grand Canyon,  always photogenic, was wonderful to see....

Tonight,  Friday,  Louise and Devon have gone out to see a friend in a theatrical production, and I'm babysitting.... I'm practiced at that!

Kapunda news:
Broccoli is doing well.....

Other news from home is that one of the chickens has died.   This means another fruit tree, as that's the usual fate of such birds at the Kapunda garden.  This one will have a plum tree planted on it, apparently.  This is the tree in the back of the ute...  it is a pretty impressive tree by the look of it.

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