Saturday, 10 October 2009

Friday visiting

Today we did some Santa Cruz visiting.
In the morning,  Fiona and I went to visit Jerry and Jaime and her preschool that she runs in the backyard of her parents house.  Here are Jerry and Jaime...

... and the preschool backyard.  The building in the yard is a yurt and really interesting.  It is the same kind of building that Fiona's own preschool has as well...  it is a wonderful space for such flexible uses.

Fiona found a wonderful dressup costume inside... and here she is on the steps of the yurt,  looking like a princess!

The hat was just beautiful also....

The inside of the yurt is a beautiful place... kids stuff everywhere,  but very light and airy and easily warmed by the tiny heater.  (It was a cold and foggy morning.)

As I left,  I walked past our "old" house again, a bit the worse for wear, but I like the corner kitchen window.

After coming home to Alta Vista Drive for lunch,  some "quiet time" and a few household tasks,  we went on for dinner to my friend Cynthia's.  Fiona got to watch some of Cynthia's television while we sat around catching up on a few years worth of news over a bottle of Sonoma Valley Merlot, French cheese and fajitas...
The sleepy girl is now in bed, the house is quiet and tomorrow is another day.

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Jane said...

Here's a comment sent via facebook (from Nick)

" i read your blog kapunda gardener and the pictures of fiona and jerry and jamie are cool . i perticularly like the epicurious stuff you are looking at. good stuff jane."