Thursday, 15 October 2009

It's still wednesday, but the sun came out!

After a soggy morning, once the fog cleared,  we went off to swimming lessons.  At the pool, there were leaves all over the place,  in the pool and every chair (where the mums sit.)   What a mess.  Fiona did her best swimming that I've seen, and Teacher Steve was impressed as well.
We did go across the track to the cookie company before we came home,  and Fiona chose a chocolate chip cookie.  By the time we arrived home the sun was out and things were getting back to normal,  at least around here.
While Fiona had a nap,  I went out to check the chickens and the yard.... there is a framework with a plant growing on it at the bottom of the garden... it had blown over onto the table... the photograph shows it after Jose and I had stood it up again.... the leafy debris on the table is where it had all landed.

Next,  out the front was a huge branch that had broken off a liquid amber tree and fallen onto the roof...  
... it is hard to tell how large it is, until you see Jose up there with a pruner, hacking away at it.  He cut most of it up,  didn't fall off the roof and left the last big branch hanging.
We were still deciding how to deal with that when it fell,  safely and is still leaning on the neighbouring tree.

The baby vegetables seemed to have enjoyed the rain...

Last I heard, the electricity is still "off" in Pacific Grove.... 24 hours and counting.

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