Thursday, 8 October 2009

Louise... on the road again (Wednesday)

Today was the day for the final packing and organising ready to leave for the Grand Canyon.  Louise sounded more worried about leaving Fiona at home than Fiona sounded about her leaving!  Oh well... that's the way it goes.
Fiona spent the day playing at being a horse, living in the dishwasher box and explaining the finer points of  Cheddar Bunnies...

Eventually,  Louise's friend Elissa arrived and it was time to leave...  after a hug.

Then out to Sean's truck, all loaded and ready to go....
... a wave to all of us in the front porch....  Grammy, Fiona, Luna, Benjy and me...

... and they were off!

We have since had macaroni and cheese for dinner, and a salad and Fiona is nearly ready for bed.
I feel ready to take over the organising here...   and tomorrow is another day.  Fiona will be going to school.  I plan to have a quiet day.


John L said...

Cheddar Bunnies? They have finer points I take it.

owlwolf said...

Jane, how nice it must be that Louise can count on Mom to watch Fiona! Bet it puts her mind at ease so she can enjoy the river trip.
I was led to your page via Fiona's page. Love your blog.
Betsy, John & Vicki's sister-in-law

Our blog is

Jane said...

Thanks Betsy,
It's good for Louise to have a break and for Fiona to have aanother grandmother, but good for me too... it's great to spend some real time with Fiona (not just a visitor) and we are doing very well.
I had a phone call from Louise and all is well there also. Thanks for the link to your blog.

Beryl said...

John came over and fixed up you blog. Carpet cleaning "in progress." all is well. happy campers in the Grand Canyon I don't doubt. Seems that Fiona is managing quite well at being left
My first comment didn't 'take'
Better luick this time ? Love, Maman