Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Monday and swimming

Another grey morning, but not so cold.  This beautiful flower was out this morning...

This morning went according to plan, as we had breakfast, got ready for swimming with Teacher Steve and discussed whether or not we'd go to the Cookie Company shop before or after swimming.  All went well until I decided that we couldn't take the horse (actually a hobby horse unicorn called "Salad") to swimming.  There was even the suggestion that horses like water!  and I had visions of a floating soggy toy in "Steve's" pool.
This is Fiona with "Salad."  He is getting a hug.

After a mini tantrum, Fiona decided that the horse could "have a rest" on her bed while we went swimming.  However,  the delay meant that we didn't have time to get to the Cookie Company until after swimming.  These things happen!
Swimming went well.  Fiona enjoyed the water, despite the overcast miserable looking weather, and then of course she chose a chocolate chip cookie for the trip home.  Lunch was fruity, so the diet is more or less balanced with the cookie and fruit food groups anyway!

After some quiet time this afternoon,  we watched a movie (the dinosaur cartoon one)... the weather was beginning to look pretty awful and stormy, though it still hasn't started raining.

It is now late in the day, dinner is cooked (casseroled meat and vegetables, all in tiny pieces... we picked the vegetables out together on the way home today) and Fiona is demanding popcorn for dinner!   I think we will have a "low key" dinner time with food available and toast to dip into the gravy... then an early night.  Preschool tomorrow will be earlier than swimming.

The weather forcast is for six inches of rain here and eight inches in the mountains.  There are flash flood warnings.  After messages from home in the last week or so about 2mm of rain and then last night great excitement about 15mm (more than half an inch!)  It seems awful that there is such a shortage of water here.  I keep thinking about the enormous expanses of rooftops and how much rain one could catch in a big rainstorm.  It would surely be enough to last for the rest of the year!  I suppose that this will happen eventually.

This sounds like a day of drama, but in fact, once we had dealt with the issue of horses, it went like clockwork.

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Horses like swimming.