Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Monday life drawing

Today's been a funny day.  I have been receiving a lot of birthday wishes from friends in Australia as it is my birthday there already.  Here,  it's still the day before and I'm still waiting to be another year older (in the 27th.)
It has been a quiet couple of days, with household events.

This evening I went to life drawing at the Santa Cruz Art League.  I hadn't done any for quite a while, and it was good to be able to draw without interruption for three hours.  The time flew and it felt like about twenty minutes.  I made a number of drawings, but only a couple that I'm pleased with...

I want to go again next week,  and if I can find somewhere else before then,  I'll do some more... I feel so  out of practice!


John L said...

They look beaut.

owlwolf said...

To do things you used to do. Looks like your talent is still there, enjoy!