Saturday, 3 October 2009

Quiet Friday

I have been having a nice quiet day today and I haven't needed to rest during the day.  I spent some time in the sun and it was so nice and warm.  This is a view of the house from the shady spot under the umbrella...

... while I was out there,  Louise was charging her iPod with this little gadget....

... a solar iPod charger!  These are really great!

This evening we are planning to have dinner "out" somewhere... or,  as Fiona says... at a restaurant where one has to wear shoes!  I'll add some more later.
(ed.  we went to Ristorante Avanti, which has been here since my days of living in Santa Cruz... back in the '80's.  In fact I think I was one of their earliest diners...  back in the day.)


Elaine and Geoff at Freeling said...

Your comments are interesting. My husband and I will be moving to Freeling next month and I am researching the best plants to grow in this area. By the sound of it you can grow just about anything. We have just opened our blog called Geoff and Elaine at Freeling so would be pleased to hear from you. We want to try the organic veg growing and also purchase some chickens.

Jane said...

As you may have noticed from the latest blog posts, I'm away for a few weeks.
I'll be back in November.
I grow almost all of our vegetables now.
It's taken a while to improve the soil, but it is not "rocket science" as they say... more like common sense.
Where will you be in Freeling? How much land and what is growing there now?