Monday, 12 October 2009

Quiet Sunday afternoon

Another foggy cold day in Santa Cruz.  (And I had a message from home that the garden has had another 2mm of rain overnight on Sunday night... it's already Monday there.)

Today Fiona and I went with Vicki to San Jose.  We were ready to go nice and early as little people can get quite tired by the middle of the afternoon.   We went to visit the San Jose Quilt museum.  It was the first time that I'd been back over highway 17 since arriving here,  and I was able to take much more notice of the road than before.  It has been upgraded significantly in the past few years and isn't the nightmare that it used to be. As we drove up over the mountains, the fog became very thick... we were driving through a cloud!

Then on to 280S and into downtown San Jose.   We found the museum and spent a couple of hours there... apart from the quilts which were a collection of traditional quilts mostly made by particular people, there was a wonderful exhibition of molas.  I couldn't take any photographs,  but this shows some molas very well.   It was a wonderful exhibition, and Fiona managed to survive for quite some time with the help of a container of grapes that Grammy (Vicki) had brought with us.

We went on to a little cafe down the road for lunch... it was a pity that we weren't there for the music!
As we walked along First St, we passed large pots of rosemary and lavender along the footpath.  I don't suppose it gets too hot for pot plants along there in the summer. (I have been thinking about how to grow vegetables in the hottest part of the summer at home,  and it may need to involve pots,  though how to prevent them  overheating is a problem.)

We found our way back to the freeway (280 South) and back over the hill on highway 17.  It had been sunny and cool in San Jose,  but as we returned over the hill,  we were driving through the clouds that were sitting on the top of the mountains.   Fiona fell asleep and missed the foggy part.

Back in Santa Cruz,  we sat for a while gathering our thoughts.  Vicki is on her way back to Pacific Grove and Fiona and I are having a quiet afternoon....  still no sun,  but not too bad at all.

We are preparing for another scheduled week.

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Anonymous said...

Highway 17 brings back memeories
check Louise's email, have been sending messages there. more very heavy showers in the night. thought of your garden, may raid your bean patch later, mine produced only 4 large pods so far.
4 more from yours will make a good dinner. Maman