Sunday, 4 October 2009

Saturday in Santa Cruz

Louise went to work early this morning, and so this was my first day to go "solo" here in Santa Cruz.  I heard her get up and go to work, but I supposed that she would be on auto-pilot before work,  so I got up after she'd left.  Fiona woke up at about the same time and so we got on with our day.
After the usual breakfast and cleanup,  a load of washing and feeding the animals,  we went on an expedition to the local farmer's market.  It was interesting to compare the market here with the one at Angaston,  in the Barossa.  The Barossa market has farmers who come from all around, some "organic" and some "ordinary" but they are all local.  It seemed to me that farmers at the Santa Cruz market came from a greater distance,  but, almost without exception they advertised their organic status.  The market in Santa Cruz was not as busy... and you didn't have to be there early to make sure that you could choose whatever vegetables you needed... I got to the market at about 10 am this morning and no one had sold out.  The Barossa market,  on the other hand, is mostly tourists by that time.  If you want to make sure of buying the vegetables that you want,  it's necessary to get there well before 9.
Fiona and I bought vegetables... and an apple for her to eat in the car.

I tried to go to the plant sale at the arboretum (UCSC) before I came home,  but it didn't start until 12 noon. The arboretum has had sales regularly for many years,  but is closing due to lack of money.  All the staff have been laid off and no one seems to know what will happen to the facility.  I didn't get to the sale, as Fiona needed a sleep in the afternoon... never mind.

I have been taking it easy while she has slept... I'm reading "Marx's Ecology" by John Bellamy Foster.  Jonathon (in Sydney) loaned me the book while I was there and I began reading it on the plane trip across the Pacific.  That has led to me looking up Epicurus on the internet and now I want to read his essays as well.  It seems that the reputation of Epicurus is nothing like the hedonistic tradition that we are led to believe.  I will find his essays at the second hand bookshop downtown while I am here.  I haven't been there yet, but next week when Fiona is in school, I'll go downtown again.

I am missing my garden.  I'm wondering what is happening as I know there's been plenty of rain, and with the longer days,  there will be plenty of growth.  I woud love to know how the bean seeds have done.  They were planted a week or so before I left and weren't up last time I looked....


Elaine and Geoff at Freeling said...

We have nearly a third of an acre at Freeling so will have enough land to plant a number of fruit trees as well as vege beds. We were thinking of doing raised garden beds adding compost which we are bringing with us from Adelaide. First we will plant some bean seeds to use as a green crop then when they have grown enough dig them into the soil. I will be using some large pots to grow capsicum, lettuce, beetroot in while we are waiting for the beds to be ready. I want to plant some dwarf nectarine, apricot, peach trees which variety would you suggest? Also a fig would be nice too. There are already some citrus trees but not sure which ones. We joined the Diggers Garden Club and have ordered some heritage seeds.

John L said...

Can't see any bean seeds up yet but I've got a lot of mature beans to pick today.

Sounds like you're off to a good start Elaine and Geoff.