Monday, 19 October 2009

Sunday afternoon at the open studios, 2009

There is an open studio event being held in Santa Cruz at the moment.  Louise had bought a guide and information pack.   I had been poring over it intermittently,  and there were a couple of places where I could see a number of venues, close together, quite easily.... and there were a few others scattered around quite near to "home."

Jose had offered to babysit for me,  so I took him up on the offer and went out for a couple of hours to see some of the studios.  There were about three hundred galleries open over three weekends,  but in a couple of hours,  I saw a few,  mostly close to home...  all wonderful.
First I visited the studio that I had been passing daily since arriving.  A water colour/acrylic artist who uses some interesting techniques... food for thought.

Then it was off to the new studio spaces hat have been built where the old ice works were... the old builing burned down some years ago, apparently,  and these are the studios that have  been built for artists to use.  I think the upstairs spaces are for living,  downstairs for art studios.  (The green sign indicates an open studio.)

Inside the studios are large open spaces...  really great for most kinds of artwork.

Opposite these spaces were a series of storage containers.  This one caught my eye because of the car, of course, and i wondered how they got it up there.

I went on down towards the ocean, and saw several artists whose work I had seen around the town.  The different styles and subject matter were rather overwhelming, but I perservered.  I would need months to get around to all on the list... that's for sure!

Then on to the Tannery Arts Centre on River Street.  There really was a tannery here when I lived in SC and when it closed,  the buiding was taken over as a residential/working space for artists.  There must be nearly 100 apartments, many with work spaces as well...  the green signs indicate those that are open for the "open studio" event, but all of the corridors are like art galleries anyway.

This part of the tannery is not "improved" yet... just to show that it really was an industrial site... a good use for such a building.

The whole event is really exciting...  not unlike the South Australian Living Artists (SALA)  festival,  though having such a huge population in such a small area means that there is such a lot more to see with little travel.   Kapunda has about four or five galleries open for a couple of weeks in August,  but the "through traffic" is not nearly as great.

Just seeing what other people are doing has made me feel enthusiastic about painting again...  can't wait to sort out my studio space!  I have more or less got it happening,  but there's still a lot of junk in there.

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