Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Swimming at the sash mill

Today Louise and I took Fiona to her swimming lesson.  I ddn't have to drive,  but I'm quite confident about getting there now.  (The other day when I went with Vicki,  I felt so jetlagged that I can barely remember being there,  let alone how to get there... but that was just the day after I had arrived.)  I should remember these things,  but some parts of town actually look different since I was living here.
Before we went to the swimming pool, we bought a cookie each from the factory where they are made... the Pacific Cookie Company, a Santa Cruz institution.

I don't know how "reject" they are,  but there didn't seem to be anything wrong with them at all.

Here is Fiona, choosing her cookie!  Then on to the swimming lesson...

We were there nice and early,  so Fiona played in the hot tub part of the pool.  The it was down to serious swimming, and plenty of splashing.  She left her plastic toy horse with Louise while she was having her lesson, and it took the whole time to drain the water out through her nose!  The things you have to do!
After that, we all detoured on the way to the car to take a photograph of a car that we thought John might like...

... Louise assures me that there is usually a pale green one here on swimming days, but I suppose that this is the Monday one...  perhaps the pale green one will be here some other day.  We decided that this car would be too small to bring home the chickens' food or a bale of straw though... so we went back to our  own car....  and look what was parked beside it!

When I went around to get into the passengers side door (on the wrong side of course) I found the beautiful side window of the Ford...  These were actually more than etched... they were ground out quite deeply... I've never seen any like that before.

The car even had seat belts in it... not original,  I'm sure.

Meanwhile,  John has sent pictures from home... the beans (broad beans) are producing heaps,  the tomato plants are bigger and looking healthy.
The only disaster since I left is the dishwashing bowl....  apparently it has sprung a leak.  It was salvaged from someone's rubbish in the past,  and I have no idea where to get another one!

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