Friday, 23 October 2009

Thurday morning

Yesterday was busy.  Fiona and I kept up with the usual schedule, with a trip to the swimming pool for a swimming lesson with a deotur to the Pacific Cookie Co. reject shop, and then home again to have a short quiet time before cleaning up the rest of the fallen branches from the front yard and the dog poo from the back yard.
It was so lovely outside that we sat out there to have our afternoon tea (and milk)  while I finished the latest pair of socks and Fiona learned a little bit about "French knitting"  on a cotton reel with some odd wool that I got from Jackie and Jaime last week.

There was also news of the travellers (Devon and Louise) from the river....  they are now expected home later today.

I received a phone call from a friend who lives close by, and as I happened to have a babysitter available, I went over to visit her and we attempted to solve the problems of the world... life,  families and the issues facing the world.   It was good to have some adult conversation for a change!  One forgets about those parts of mothering....  though I used to be so well aware and wonder if I would ever retrieve my brain.  I think I did!

This morning "we" are getting ready for school.   It's a slow and stop-start business, but we are getting there.  The travellers may well be home by the time that school is out.  Exciting day!

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