Friday, 2 October 2009

Thursday, driving downtown.

I think that I'm acclimatising!  I don't feel quite as vague as I have for the past few days and I have been out driving on the right hand side of the road, and I didn't make any mistakes! (Not that I expected to... I always make sure that I am in the centre of the road, by the white line,  as after switching back and forth a number of times,  I have no idea which is correct... here or in Kapunda.)

I did the school run today and went downtown before coming home.  Santa Cruz looks very much the same, only some of the empty blocks have houses or apartments on them. The trees in Pacific Avenue have grown larger, but many of the familiar shops are still there.
I drove home via our old street, Acadia Avenue....

....  and this is the house that we used to live in.  It looks quite  bit the same, though with a "new" bay window in the front and a new picket fence.   In fact, it looks a bit the worse for wear, and the side (kitchen) door is still the same colour as it was in the 1980's, though the paint is peeling and the door looks rather shabby.  It's hard to tell what is out the back now...  the block is about half an acre, so there's quite a bit to see back there!
I also went past the elementary school where most of my children went...

Apparently Mr Cavanaugh retired only recently.  He was the "new" principal when we were there.

I am beginning to make my way around the town.  Today I went to the bookshop and the bagelry.  I had a jalapeno bagel with cream cheese... and coffee to keep me awake!

I'll be "on the road again" to get Fiona soon,  but it all seems much easier than it did this morning.

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