Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wednesday morning after a cold and rainy Tuesday

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a wild day... just the weather!
It was a school day for Fiona,  and everything went well in that department.  (We still have a clean-up of the bedroom to achieve,  but that hasn't been a priority so far!   Perhaps this afternoon, as it is still very damp and miserable outside.

After dropping Fiona at preschool,  I went on downtown to Logos,  had some lunch and then went to see the Michael Moore movie that has just opened (Capitalism) at the Del Mar.  Sitting in the theatre with "The Internationale" playing at the end, an assortment of Americans sitting spellbound, felt surreal.  Only the trendy middle-class women who had been sitting behind me were talking loudly as they left during the credits,  name-dropping their way down the aisle and discussing their foreign journeys that I'd already heard about during the film.  I'm not used to people shouting out at the screen and talking all the way through movies, and I found that a bit disconcerting.  The running commentary and the feet on the back of my chair were a bit distracting also...  I am beginning to appreciate Quikflix/Netflix even more. (I must be becoming antisocial...  or more of a country bumpkin!)  Oh well,  when in Rome.... and the movie was very interesting.

After the movie I ran back to the car amid leafy litter from the Pacific Avenue trees (including quite large branches broken off and lying on the roadway) and heavy rain.  I had already got cold wet feet,  but by the time I arrived at The Village Preschool to pick up Fiona, I was very wet and cold all over.
Apparently there was about six inches of rain,  though no one seems to know just how much.  (Back in Kapunda, there had been 5.5mm and the tanks were overflowing.)  I couldn't help but think that with rainwater tanks, these enormous rooftops could supply all of the water for any household.
The electricity had been off during the day also, and all of the clocks were flashing 88:88 at me.  I have fixed most of them,  though the oven is still a mystery.
Fiona and I had leftovers for dinner and an early night.  In fact,  Fiona hadn't slept at nap time at school (despite having been awake during the previous night) so the early night was well timed.

This morning (Wednesday) there are summer green leaves all over the ground... blown from the trees.  The fog is low to the ground,  and I'm pleased to be inside and warm. The heater came on by itself early in the morning...  at home I would have had to light the fire....  luxury!

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