Sunday, 15 November 2009

Meetings... meetings....

Today has been a busy day.   John and I drove to Adelaide (100km) for a Greens State Council meeting that was quite stressful and it felt like a lot of work.   I'm glad it's over.

Next I need to prepare for a Council meeting  where I am an elected member...  and after a few weeks away,  it's hard to get my brain back into gear!  I have quite a bit of reading to do for the meeting,  but early in the morning,  before it's hot,  I'll organise the shade for the vegetables.

Today the temperature was a bit over 41 (106F) and there is the promise of a cooler day for tomorrow. I will be able to install the shade for the garden!  The rest of the week is supposed to be....  Tues, 34 (93F)  Wednesday 41  (106F)  and Thursday 41 (106F)  and Friday 26 (only 79F!)with a possible shower... and it isn't summer yet!
From the Bureau of meteorology....

Absolute scorcher ends with cooler change
By Brett Dutschke
November 15, 2009 20:57

Late on Sunday a cooler change slowly filtered through southern parts of South Australia, better late than never for many relived residents.

Those in Ceduna on the West Coast had to put up with 45-degree heat, 19 above the November average average before a cooler change. The change was gradual but it cooled to about 30 degrees for most of the afternoon, cooler than any of the previous eight afternoons. This brought an end to six days above 40 and nine days above 35, unprecedented in the last 70 years of Novembers.

Many other places in SA recorded their hottest November day in many years, such as:
Kyancutta - 45 degrees, their hottest in 12 years.
Snowtown - 43 degrees, their hottest in at least 11 years.
Edinburgh - 41, a nine year high.
Nuriootpa - 40, a 12 year high.

The cooler change will only affect southern parts of the state. Anywhere north of about Woomera will exceed 40 each day until at least Friday.

Adelaide and the rest of southern SA will bake in high 30s and low 40s on Wednesday and Thursday before a stronger cooler change.

Wednesday and Thursday will also be extreme fire danger days as heat combines with dry, gusty northerly winds.

It's been a busy day and I'm ready for bed... and a little bit of residual jet-lag doesn't help...  tomorrow is  another day!

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