Thursday, 12 November 2009

On the road again... and back to the garden (added photos)

I have changed the way that people leave comments.  You'll now have to type in a word to have the comment accepted.  I don't like doing that,  but there has been a new development.  Until now,  all of the comments have shown the author's name.  However,  someone (who I do know) left an anonymous comment and since then, there has been anonymous spam coming in as comments.  It's a pity, but no,  I don't want any viagra and I don't want the spam that goes with it either... so from now on you'll have to type in a fuzzy word to comment.  Annoying!

The garden has been having a hard time... it is over 40 degrees daily now in Kapunda.  (I am only getting the news from the internet, and Roseworthy is the closest weather station.) I had hoped to get the shade cloth up before the weather got to that stage, it's all arrived early, and if the 40 degree weather in the spring time is a  sign of things to come, then I'll be busy in the next few days and weeks.
I also found an interesting video about vegetables and gardening.  Vandana Shiva is one of my heroes and the book that she has been promoting in Europe (Soil not Oil)  is important to read.  I have referred to it in the past here and it is available here and I think that everyone needs to read it.

This morning I am getting my possessions ready to travel again, and I'll be off to the airport later today.  It will be good to see the Kapunda garden again,  even if it is a bit the worse for wear... and heat.

Added photos from the last travel....  Alex on his way to work before I left, and Chris with breakfast...

... the flying kangaroo again....

... the meandering Murray River....

... and Adelaide as it looked when we landed at 7pm on Thursday.

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