Monday, 23 November 2009

Planting again...

It has been very frustrating to be re-planting after the really bad patch of weather that we have had,  but I'm not the only one... comparing notes with others at the local plant shop,  it seems that the early hot weather caught a number of people off-guard.
I have replanted a whole section of my garden and I have a shade structure ready to cover my vegetables with,  should it be necessary....  and I'm in no doubt that it shall.

Here is a baby zucchini pant that looks very healthy after a few days alone in the garden...

... this leaf (below) looks a bit the worse for wear.... this is the work of earwigs, I'm sure.   They can do such a lot of damage so quickly  and they are so hard to combat...  I'm not sure where I stand with these...  planting these young plants so late is quite a different strategy!

As I worked my way through the closest vegetable patch today,  I found this leek going to seed...  I'll wait and find the actual seeds later.... whatever survives here is sure to be the toughest plant around.

The newest garden patch....

... today I planted seeds of (from the LHS)  jicama, amaranth and okra.... all hot weather crops,  but since I have missed the "cool" part of the season, I am really "going for broke"  as they say.
I am also bandicooting potatoes,  and picking a few odd gren leafy bits and pieces around the place...  we survive!

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