Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Seed collection and earwigs

Today I have had time to sort out some of the seeds on the plants from the garden.  I have collected a few varieties, and separated some from their pods.
This is Russian kale and this particular set of seed pods is drying in some newspaper.

The bucket of broad beans yielded seed for next season....

... and I also have Siberian kale,  greenfeast peas and purple sprouting broccoli (seeds, that is)... all for after Christmas.

These new seedlings have been eaten by earwigs.  It is a matter of catching as many of them as you can, limiting the mulch and planting enough plants to keep ahead of the earwigs... this is the same zucchini plant that I put in a couple of days ago... I don't know whether it will survive... we'll see.

I have been outside tonight to see how many earwigs are around.  There are quite a few.   They usually come out at about 10pm, and so I went out to see... these(below) are on some potato plants and there are only two here (taken with a flash)... I have seen leaves so covered with them that there is barely space for them to eat...  this is not good,  but not as bad as I've seen.

I watered the seeds that I planted yesterday and I'm hopeful.  Earwigs will be a problem,  but so will the weather.  I have prepared another patch of soil as well.  I'll plant some beans and "leafy green things" tomorrow.  It is really important to keep planting...  I used to say that it was necessary to plant something whenever you pick something from the garden,  but in fact,  it's probably only necessary to plant at least weekly,  as long as you don't miss a week.  
Tomorrow is supposed to be 30C... and who knows where that will end!

There is also a mouse or two in the kitchen.  I have seen one at least... running across the counter top.  I have left some poison out tonight.  I wouldn't mind them if they didn't poo in any food left around...but they have to go!
It is the time of the year when mice are plentiful.  The crops are just harvested and I suppose they have lost their usual food supply in the fields,  so they are determined to take mine.  I have some sympathy, but not enough to share my kitchen!

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