Friday, 27 November 2009


I didn't have a chance to write a post here yesterday because we (John and I) drove to Adelaide to do our errands.  Adelaide is about 100km away, and with the traffic,  one can assume that it will take about an our and 20 minutes at least to get there.... and at least $25 worth of petrol,  so of course we do all of our errands on a single day.   Yesterday, for a variety of reasons was the day!
I did get everything done that I'd planned,  and my "grocery stop" was at Gaganos Bros. in Hindmarsh.  This is a wholesale grocery warehouse that has always specialised in mediterranean ingredients and tools (including everything for making wine and beer) and which has in recent years begun to cater to people of other nationalities.
I hadn't been there for several months...  I usually shop for fresh and local ingredients.  However, yesterday I found some new items on a shelf catering for "Mexican and South American" items.... and here is what I found...

Hominy, salsa, salsa verde, corn meal to make masa.    I also bought some organic (and unflavoured) corn chips so that we can have nachos for dinner tonight.   I'll have to go to the bottle shop to see if there is any tequila (for margaritas)... Friday pizza night may be "nacho night" for a while!

That salsa has chunks and no thickening like tomato sauce (ketchup)....

... and it's made in Mexico.

In fact,  the first thing that caught my eye was this tin of hominy.  I can now make pozole!

... and this is made in Texas.  It is the same brand that I could buy in California in tins,  though they don't have the "fresh" stuff in the vacuum packs...  maybe soon!

Then I began to look for masa...  I didn't find any brand that I recognised,  but I did find this... it's a little more finely ground, but I will try it for making tortillas tonight...  quesadillas, here we come!

... and it is made in Colombia.  (This reminded me of Jose in Santa Cruz.)

This morning I have been out to water the baby plants and the patches where I have planted seeds.  This is the last of the cucumber plants that I put in.  The earwigs haven't found this one, apparently.

This is the last of the zuccini plants....

I don't know yet whether it will survive

The tomatoes and other vegetables survive, and I haven't put the shade cloth over them again today.  It is removable, and I put it back whenever I think the day will be too hot,  but we are expecting about 30C today, and a cooler change this afternoon... with rain tomorrow... maybe!!!

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

yay for masa..the other thing to make from that is arepas, traditional south american flat bread. They sort of turn out as a dense english muffin...eaten with cheese inside or butter on top.

Good luck.