Friday, 6 November 2009

Wednesday and Thursday

A busy couple of days...  last minute catching up and organising my belongings ready to travel...  it shoule be easy,  but after six or seven weeks of spreading my belongings around the house,  there is always quite a bit to do.  My other problem is books!   When I am at home,  I don't often see a bookshop and that is one thing that I miss (that, and a movie theatre) when I am at home in Kapunda.  I usually shop for books (and a number of other things) online, but there's nothing like being able to look through a real book,  especially some of the older, second hand ones...  and consequently I have a number of books to pack up to go!  I had thought about sending them by post,  but in fact,  I can pack them into a second suitcase and take them for "free" as luggage.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went on an expedition to Carmel.  I packed Fiona and myself up for the day and drove to Pacific Grove.  It was lovely to see John and Vicki (grandparents also) and drop Fiona off for a visit so that I could go for a drive to Carmel and its galleries.  I spent about three hours wandering through galleries with some of the most amazing artwork...  mostly for sale.  There were modern impressionist and realistic works from local artists,  imported work from Russia and Eastern Europe...   these and these....portraits and still-life pieces that are beautifully executed in the traditional impressionist style  (that sounds like a contradiction in terms,  but you know what I mean) and yet another gallery had traditional Californian paintings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
I did a "lap" of the main street, venturing into any galleries that had interesting work in the window... I'm sure I missed a lot of interesting work...   there is no way to see it all in one day!
There are a couple of artists that I am still thinking about....

There is a gallery with work by Mexican and South American artists that is just wonderful... from colourful works of the kind tha one sees of Hispanic work and some incredible watercolour works, painted wth only two or three colours (earth tones) that glowed... cathedrals, village scenes and even studies of working people or chldren... all with minimal colour,  but with such skill in the control of detail with tones that the architectural detail glowed and the vllage architecture and people were just intriguing.
That gallery also had some wonderful paintings by a woman from Argentina...  large portraits that are so beautiful...  and rather impressionsitic, though more modern...
The stunning piece,  not necessarily because of its artistic merit,  though it is beautiful,  is a small painting of two troubled looking children by Diego Rivera!   Seeing it,  I imagined Frida Kahlo might have seen this very painting too... I hope so.

 Eyvind Earle painted pictures of the California landscape that, while looking familiar, are still very magical... with detailed and stylised images that make you think that you must have actually seen the actual place...  and I think it is the light and the shapes of the hillsides...     In fact Earle had worked for Disney in the 50's and 60's  and one can see how he must have added to Disney's work.  His oil paintings were wonderful,   but, out the back I found some watercolour images of trees that are absolutely beautiful..  they are almost experimental, and yet one can see what the artist was thinking.

As I walked down 6th St,  I found this....   and of course I went in to look... to see another couple of paintings by the same artist... a strange man who painted many oil paintings, and even more watercolour "postcards"... amazing! Here are some images from the internet.

So many more paintings to see and so little time... as they say.   I'll be back!  and I'll get back to Carmel.

After my day in Carmel, I had to wait around for a while to catch up with Fiona... I went for a walk along the cliff past John and Vicki's house...

... and then back along Cannery Row...

Today is Thursday...  and a quiet day.
This was the last day that I'd be picking up Fiona from preschool.  Louise is at work,  Devon is just home and putting Fiona to bed.  A calm and quiet household tonight... all good.

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