Saturday, 14 November 2009

What a row of forty degree days can do....

After the past couple of weeks of hot weather,  the garden is pretty desolate.  This is the patch that I don't water during the summer anyway,  but it is very early to be so dry....  the silver beet here has gone to seed,  along with all of the remaining brassicas....  all of the brassicas have all gone to seed... not surprising with the hot weather, but it's a pity that the tops weren't chopped off the broccoli... it is still trying to produce!

... and this is what silver beet leaves look like cooked on the plant...  no shade!

This is the summer vegetable patch with silver beet gone to seed.  I need to organsie the shade on the first day that is cooler....    It is still hot here... expecting more than 40C again today and tomorrow.  On Monday, we are supposed to have a cool day (Adelaide is expecting 28C, and we'll have a few degrees more)  but then it will be back to the high 30's.

 I have the poly pipe and some shade cloth to shelter at last  one garden... and that's my job for Monday, during the lull in the temperature.

John has been watering a small patch of vegetables and the fruit trees.  He had forgotten my little fig tree....  the poor little thing had produced leaves and they have dried up though the woody part is still green...

  ...but I brought a bucket of water to it yesterday morning,  I hope it's ok.
I have to collect the broad bean pods  too.  Some will be seeds for next year, but I'd like to try making falafel from them....  they are the traditional beans to use for this.

There are a lot of onions and garlic to pull, and some potatoes are still ok.
I have dug up some onions, garlic and beetroot, and bandicooted some potatoes.  The chickens are laying heaps of eggs and despite the shocking appearance of the yard,  there is food out there.   And the dry grass and weeds are looking more and more like goat food to me!

Here are some cooked jalapenos, the cracks in the path, getting wider by the day and the passionfruits on the vine... not ripe yet,  but seeing those by the back door gave me a little bit of hope!

I have a friend who grows a lot of vegetables during the winter and concentrates on fruit trees during the summer... that might be my strategy this summer also.  And I am still considering the goat very seriously!

But the cactus flowers are out and beautiful....  the perfume at night is incredible!

... and I have a tiny wheat harvest to deal with!

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