Thursday, 10 December 2009

Another pathway cleared...

The photograph above was taken at the same time as the other one... when I was trying to decide where to start on the weeds and dry grass.  It is right beside the lavender bush that I showed yesterday, and I started there this morning.
Here is the latest photograph... below.
While I was working away down there,  I was dive-bombed by an Adelaide Rosella... not very usual behaviour!   I think that the rosella was more shocked than I was.  It was no doubt flitting between trees as usual, not expecting a gardener doing some serious maintenance work.
As I moved along the pathway,  I also saw a baby grey thrush being fed on insects that I had uncovered from under the grass...  a bonus for the parent, I'm sure.  The baby crouched in the "feeding" position with fluttering wings, calling like any other toddler demanding something.
Anyway,  I have cleared one small patch of ground,  added significantly to my mulch and compost piles and watered and mulched the lavender that has survived the heatwaves... four plants altogether.  There are also some irises beside the path and the remains of the prickly artichoke plant that is even now trying to sprout again.

This is the lavender that I showed yeseterday.  It now has the weeds cleared, a moat built (to contain water) some gypsum spread around the soil (to break up the clay) and some mulch added  around the base...  It ahs had some water (from the tank... not salty Murray river water)  and should be healthier as long as I keep an eye on it and add water when necessary.


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I've heard that toddler noise.

Jane said...

Me too. But it was interesting to be a fly on the wall (so to speak) when the thrush was feeding her/his baby. It's just that the sound of the baby had some resonance!!!