Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Beautiful evening

I had intended to comment about the conference that is happening in Copenhagen.  I will, but not this evening,  except to quote from the man who is turning out to be the hero of the meeting,  though I had never heard of him before.  
It was he who led the walkout of the poorest nations when they were being railroaded on the weekend.  And he seems to be the only person to stand up to the wealthy nations.  Today he said...

    "The message Kevin Rudd is giving to his people, his citizens, is a fabrication, it's fiction. It does not relate to the facts because his actions are climate change scepticism in action." Lumumba Di-Aping.

Tonight,  and it's after 9pm here, I am sitting outside on the front verandah.  It is still warm,  the mosqitoes are out in force and the cockatoos are settling down for the night (they always seem to be noisiest just before it's dark.)  One of the dogs is still looking for lizards in the dry grass.  The garden is watered, and the necessary work done.  
The trees make a silhouette in the dark sky...  look carefully and you can see the evening star... Venus.  No rainbow colours tonight,  but beautiful,  nontheless...

To the south, those clouds can be seen,  but nothing much in the way of rain.  But it feels as though it could rain yet... strange weather.

Here I am,  glass of wine and the laptop...  blogging from the verandah....  blurry pic, low light!

I have just heard the first thunder and seen the flash of lightning.  If rain comes it should cool the air as well.  It's down to 30C now, but should be even less by the morning, especially if it rains.  
Quite dark now at 9.45,  and I'm waiting for the lightning show to begin.  A cockatoo squawks and the distant thunder rumbles.  The dogs don't like that rumbling sound.
I can hear the occasional drop of rain on the roof.,, few enough to count.    They are the big noisy drops, but they'll never add to the water supply in the tank.  Perhaps there'll be more in the night.

And tomorrow I'll think about the farce that is happening in Copenhagen.  The best that we can hope for is a level of 450 ppm of carbon dioxide, and that will lead to, hopefully widespread ecological damage... because the other option would be civilisation's collapse.  
No one at the conference seems to be debating the science, but the decision to choose the economic welfare of the wealthy over the mere survival of the empoverished,  sounds so inhumane that one wonders what kind of person has the gall to sign the paper that is written.  But then,  people signed the papers that sent millions to their deaths in camps in the 1940's, and on a hundred other occasions.  All that this proves, once again, is that life is cheap, and that people can be taught to have no empathy at all.  
And then I read this.
It is raining, gently, and it smells good.

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