Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Earwig damage

This is the same photograph that I showed yesterday.  It is a tiny sunflower plant that germinated in situ, with its seed coat still attached.  That was yesterday.

This morning I went out again to see how it was doing,  along with a  number of other baby plants.  
Here it is  today...  same plant,  same spot.... and all that is left is the stalk and no growing point.  

It will die.  This is the work of earwigs!   One can continue to replace plants, hoping to eventually get ahead of the pests,  but it is very frustrating.


Devon said...

assholes...the only "natural non chicken eradication method I've heard of is putting out bamboo or any kind of tube, leaving them around and everyday, the early morning hours, collecting the earwigs...The earwigs apparently like the tubes and can be tipped into a container en masse.

Jane said...

I use newspaper and cardboard... screwed up paper in a carton or a plastic flower pot. I collect them in the hundreds. (The chickens love them.)
I also squash quite a few whenever I'm digging in the garden... just pick them up and squash them, constantly. I feel like a pecking bird!
The only problem is that I need to catch them in their millions or billions!
Some seasons are worse than others, and they get worse from early spring (when they breed, and I find them in groups... one adult and a bunch of babies usually) until the summer gets too hot. This season is about "medium."