Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Summer weather... and saving civilisation.

It has been a strange day,  weatherwise.  It is close to Christmas and most of the things that I need to do are under control.
I had a meeting to get to at lunchtime today.   The meeting was half an hour away, in Nuriootpa. Before I left, I checked the shadecloth arranged over the vegetables.  I had covered them earlier in the morning,   but it sometimes blows off,  especially on days like today. I need to remove the mesh on cooler days, as it is rather too shady for "full time" coverage,  though I did get it all for free, so it is really worth the effort.

Anyway,  I had to re-arrange some of it,  as the wind had blown it off.  It is mostly held on with clothes pegs....

... this works rather well,  though the hot and blowing north wind today was rather hard on the engineering.
When I left, it looked pretty good...  and so it remained until my return....

... the plants had water and they all looked pretty good.  Some of the most recent seeds had emerged...  beans, zucchini and a couple of edamame plants!  I'll photograph those soon.
As I drove across to Nuriootpa, the wind was incredible... it was more than 40C and the wind was strong and gusty with willy-willys out in the paddocks.  Some of the vines looked a bit the worse for wear.
I went to my meeting,  and left in time to make it to the last market day before Christmas. I bought the few things that I needed, loaded the car and drove back to Kapunda.   As I drove,  it became darker and darker... the clouds were thick and low though the air was still dry and dusty.
The weather that we are seeing is the edge of the cyclone that went through the Plbara yesterday.  As these storms move inland, they become much less violent and we are not expecting any serious consequences... we seem to have the problems ahead of the storm...

Tonight, as I write this, the temperature is still about 35C, the wind has dropped and we are waiting for the storm to arrive. We expect some thunder and lightning and (hopefully) some rain within an hour or two.  The forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology says... Dry, hot and cloudy. Fresh and gusty northwest winds, ahead of a moderate to fresh southwest change late evening.  
... sounds interesting!

Anyway, I have no more meetings until next year!  and even then,  things should get going rather gently.  I feel very tired after several busy months and I'm happy to remain at home for a while!  And hopefully,  I'll have more time and effort to spend in the garden here.  

I have also read "Cockatoo Chronicles" for today, and to quote from that article, and how I feel about what will be needed next year....
"We don’t have time for despair. We now have to move on to the new world, the one After Copenhagen. So after some Christmas rest and reflection, decide what you’re going to do and get back to work. We have a civilisation to save." (Paul Gilding)

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