Saturday, 12 December 2009

Walk against warming (edited)

Today I went to the city to participate in the Walk Against Warming.  It was heartening to see the large number of young people there.  There were a lot of "older" people as well, but the general mood among those was much less optimistic.  Most of the participants that were around my age agreed that the climate is probably past any tipping point and that we are on the way to some chaotic weather, reduced population and a significant change in lifestyle.
(added later:  This morning I read about the Copenhagen Conference.  It was described as a game of climate poker in this article in the newspaper.... 
"This weekend's meetings mark the start of a gruelling game of climate poker before the arrival of heads of state and government on Wednesday and Thursday, many of whom will speak in the conference's plenary session."
And the descripton of failure as a "heavy blow to the nation state system" seems an understatement as well...
"Failure this coming Friday would deal a heavy blow to the nation-state system, Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the United Nations' Nobel-winning panel of climate scientists, warned."
No one really knows for sure,  but the politicians and decision makers are not very "confidence inspiring" and, with limited personal energy available,  each of us has to make the decision about where to make best use of that energy.
Tomorrow I'll be working in my Kapunda garden again.

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